The Limitations of Using AI in the Workplace

The headlines have been rampant that generative AI is threatening millions of jobs. But we also have the other end of the spectrum of attorneys being sanctioned for relying on generative AI to do their work for them.  So, is there a productive role for generative AI in the workplace, in particular the legal field?  I asked Chat GPT:

In an era of advanced AI chatbots, it’s tempting to turn to Chat GPT for legal advice. While it can provide general legal information and insights, relying solely on it for personalized legal guidance is not advisable. Chat GPT’s ability to understand complex legal nuances and evaluate specific circumstances is limited. Legal matters often require tailored analysis by qualified professionals who can navigate the intricacies of the law. Although Chat GPT can be a useful starting point to gain basic knowledge, seeking the expertise of a trained attorney is crucial for accurate advice and the protection of one’s rights.

Oh, good. I get to keep my job.  In all seriousness, AI is changing many different industries.  It can be a useful tool in many instances but should be used cautiously.  Employers should analyze if and how employees may use Chat GPT and similar products and establish a written policy with guardrails for this powerful technology.

  1. Verify Facts.  Ensure that procedures are in place to verify that the information generated is accurate and free of bias and distortion.
  2. Ensure Compliance. AI is not a substitute for common sense. Its use should not violate any copyright laws, defamation or harassment laws, ethical considerations, or other applicable laws.
  3. Protect Confidentiality.  If using AI is permissible, ensure that appropriate procedures are taken to protect confidential information. Prohibit employees from inputting any confidential information, including personal information, trade secrets, financials, and any other private or sensitive information. Inputting such information will be public disclosure and could cause significant damage.

As you navigate new technology, we are here to help. Give us a call. You’ll speak with a person, not a bot.

Ginny Cascio Bonifacino, Esq.



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