Why Register a Trademark? It creates value!

Registering a trademark with a the federal U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is often one of those steps that entrepreneurs and business owners will put as a low priority. However, it can be a simple way to increase the value of your business. Don’t take my word for it. A recent article on IPWatchDog discussed that businesses that register more trademarks are more likely to be profitable.

  • How? A federal trademark registration confirms that you have exclusive rights to use your mark to sell your goods or services. Only you (with some exceptions) can use your mark. It also means that the USPTO does not think that your mark infringes on anyone else’s registered marks. This all has value.
  • Why? If you are thinking of an exit opportunity now or sometime in the future, having a strong brand and a registered trademark may increase purchase price that someone is willing to pay you. It can also be used to create a recurring revenue stream if you want to license, rather than sell the trademark, or it can used as collateral for a loan. More value.
  • When? Trademarks become stronger as they are in use and develop more goodwill and customer recognition. Registration also provides more benefits the sooner you register and gives you more remedies if someone infringes on your mark.

Trademark registration is not something that should wait. Give me a call to learn about our reasonable flat fee trademark rates.

Ginny Cascio Bonifacino, Esq.



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