Planning to Exit

Exit Sign

All too common are stories of successful business owners forgetting to plan for an important part of the business plan – the Exit.  

Do you want to sell your business?  Transfer it to a key employee or family member?  Step back from the day-to-day operations but still have a sustaining income?   

Discussing your personal and professional goals, we help our clients plan effectively for the future.  While the  

Your Exit Goals 

  • What does my ideal exit look like? 
  • How many hours will I work? 
  • Who will run my business? 
  • What income will I need to maintain my desired lifestyle? 

Legal Due Diligence 

  • Will my corporate documents help me achieve these exit goals? 
  • Is my business compliant with relevant laws? 
  • Have a properly protected my trade secrets, intellectual property, and other valuable assets? 
  • Are my key employees incentivized to stay with the business? 
  • What if I die or become disabled before my planned exit? 

Financial Analysis 

  • What is the appraised value of my business?  
  • What are the tax implications to achieve my exit goals? 
  • What strategies can I implement now to plan for my future financial health and minimize my taxes? 

Starting from these questions, we work closely with your estate planning attorney, financial advisor, and other close advisors to provide integrated advice and an implementation plan to achieve your exit goals.  

Natasha M. Nazareth, Esq.
Ginny Cascio Bonifacino, Esq.