Practicing Law Joyfully: Contracts

Recently, a client who happens to be a lawyer herself sent a thank you note that captured my heart. She wrote: “I am indebted to you in particular for reaffirming my belief in the ability for us attorneys to finesse the process to accomplish what needed to be done!” I was pleased to receive the compliment from a very discerning client. On a deeper level, her appreciation reflects our firm value of joy. 

This is the first blog post in the “Practicing Law Joyfully” series that gives you a snapshot of how we work and how we provide value to our clients.

We believe that your work should give you joy, satisfaction, and pride. We find joy in helping our clients face challenges and capitalize on opportunities, in untangling problems, aligning strategy to vision, innovating, and knowing that when you choose us to tackle your legal needs, you can focus on what makes you happy.  

One of the common threads in our practice at Nazareth Bonifacino Law LLC is using legal services to help clients achieve their goals by adding value to the client’s business infrastructure and processes, especially for start-ups and turn-arounds. A well-written contract is only part of our services. We want to ensure that you know how to utilize the contract and incorporate it into your business to maximize your goals and revenue and to reduce friction in business relationships. After all, a business contract simply reflects a relationship with money.

How a Master Services Agreement Drives Relationship 

Many different companies in various industries utilize one Master Service Agreement which serves as the backbone of the company’s service model. There may be many variations of this agreement, but at the root a company has one template per line of business that must be customized for different situations. As this agreement is often the first impression that a potential customer has of the company, it is critical that the agreement be easy to understand, protect the company, and also be representative of the company’s culture and values.

Thinking well beyond a cookie-cutter agreement, we work with our clients to develop customized contracts that allow the company to frame a healthy, constructive engagement with its customers. The company can then on-board new customers smoothly using the template, which limits time, energy and money otherwise spent on negotiations and legal support. Yes, we do hope that our template is so effective that the client is as independent as they want to be! 

We certainly include the “must-haves” of a quality contract: financial and payment terms, scope of work, deliverables, client obligations, change orders, intellectual property, confidentiality, resolving disputes, ending the relationship, representations and warranties, liabilities and indemnifications, insurance, etc.  

But beyond the words on the page, we seek to operationalize the relationship for clarity, efficiency, ease, and predictability. If a problem pops up, our client can quickly utilize the Master Service Agreement to keep a project on track, negotiate a resolution, or if need be, exit quickly. Of course, we’re always here to help our clients with their legal issues with a call or email.

Natasha M. Nazareth, Esq.



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