How can I make sure my trade secrets are protected?

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A business’s most valuable assets are its trade secrets.  Trade secrets make the business different and give it the competitive edge.  To ensure that trade secrets maintain their value though, they must be kept SECRET.   

How does a business keep secrets?   

Some of the most important steps are: 

  1. Use an NDA tailored to your business and your different categories of employees. 
  1. Establish strong policies and protocols to protect trade secrets (i.e. mark documents as confidential, establish security for IT equipment, limit employee access to sensitive information only as need to know) .
  1. Train employees on the procedures and incorporate into the Employee Handbook.
  1. Take action each and every time a breach of confidentiality or other misconduct occurs. 
  1. Don’t allow employees to take “side jobs” with existing customers or to use your tools or equipment for outside work.

Just as trade secrets are special to your business, so must the protection be customized to your business.  Call us to discuss your options.

Ginny Cascio Bonifacino, Esq.



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