Trademark Registration Services

Choosing the right brand is hard work.  Protecting it should be easy.  

Federal trademark registration provides businesses with more value as well as protects them from infringement.  The process is long and daunting, but we will break it down for you and guide you through the process for a cost-efficient flat fee.

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Our Trademark Registration Flat Fee Services include:

  • Review and legal analysis of a comprehensive third party trademark clearance search
  • Advice on the expectation of the process and potential issues
  • Preparation and submission of the USPTO trademark application(s)
  • Review and response to routine USPTO Office Actions, if any
  • Submission of Statement of Use and/or extensions to Statement of Use, if any
  • Trademark Registration Letter with practical advice about maintaining your trademark

What is not included:

Sometimes to protect your trademark, we have to be creative and engage in some different steps.  These are billed at our current hourly rates:

  • Respond to an Office Action Refusal
  • Oppose a current trademark application through a Petition to Oppose
  • Cancel a current trademark registration through a Petition to Cancel
  • Use any other potential trademark filings to contest marks (i.e. Letter of Protect, Petition for Reexamination)

Our flat fee schedule is available upon request.

Please complete our "Trademark Intake" below and we will get back to you soon.