Solopreneur Start-Up Package

A simple legal start-up package that doesn’t skimp on business strategy.

We’re here to help you build a strong foundation that meets your goals and allows your business to grow and thrive without breaking the bank.


Our Solopreneur Start-Up Package includes: 

  • Advice on whether a limited liability company is the right choice for you 
  • Formation of the company in the correct jurisdiction
  • Adopting a Resolution in Lieu of Operating Agreement 
  • Applying for a federal tax identification number 
  • Registering a trade name or “doing business as” name, if needed
  • Advice on protecting yourself from personal liability 
  • Advice on protecting your company name and brand 
  • Advice on how to maintain the company so that you stay in “good standing” 
  • Advice on additional steps you may need to take based on your circumstances

What is not included:

Generally, our clients prefer to undertake certain steps on their own or work directly with their accountant for them. We will help you identify what is needed and point you in the right direction but do not provide the following services:  

  • Tax planning 
  • Registration for state tax accounts, unemployment insurance, or workers compensation 
  • Additional licenses and permits  

Specific Deliverables

  • Initial 1-hour consult with an experienced local attorney
  • Customized Articles of Organization
  • Customized Resolution in Lieu of Operating Agreement 
  • Filing and facilitating the formation in the correct jurisdiction
  • Filing and obtaining the federal tax identification number
  • Preparing and registering a trade name, if needed, in one jurisdiction
  • Comprehensive summary letter with additional recommendations and advice.  

Value Priced Add-Ons

Depending on your business goals, you may also want to add on some of our other services:  

  • Foreign qualification in additional states 
  • Trademark Registration Services
  • Business contracts 
  • Employment agreements 
  • Independent contractor agreements 
  • Employment handbooks 
  • Non-compete agreements 
  • Confidentiality / non-disclosure agreements

Fees are available upon request.  Please "Contact Us" below and we will get back to you soon.