Elevating the Coaching Profession: Gideon Culman of K Street Coaching® 

Throughout my career, I’d often heard colleagues mention having a professional coach. Someone to help them gain clarity, develop strategies, or simply challenge their thinking.  

Enter Master Certified Coach Gideon Culman, founder of K Street Coaching®. 

While our legal journey with Gideon and K Street Coaching® began when he became a client for a trademark engagement, our coaching journey with Gideon began when we stood in as “testers” for a new workshop he was curating. Gideon, ever generous, saw the potential for mutual benefit, and we are so glad he did. Following the three-hour workshop, Gideon carefully listened to feedback from his group of beta testers and brought us back together another day to run us through the workshop’s final format. We were blown away. 

What sets Gideon apart from other coaches are his genuine care and his ability to foster a safe and open environment. He was incredibly thoughtful in how he designed the final session: it both demonstrated his own personal commitment to growth and ensured that it addressed each of our specific needs and potential. This was no cookie-cutter approach; it was a deeply personalized and effective process. Gideon was masterful and meticulous, creating a workshop that was both structured and spontaneous. It was transformative. 

Fast forward to today, and Gideon facilitates our law firm retreats. These sessions have supported our creation of actionable strategic intention that lasts all year long. We leave feeling empowered, confident, and ready to take on new challenges with a fresh perspective. In essence, Gideon is more than a coach—he’s a catalyst for change. And driving positive change is what we are all about. 

That’s why we at Nazareth Bonifacino Law are so proud to support K Street Coaching®. We specialize in business, intellectual property, and education law